Our beliefs
help us grow

Fashion trends may change, but our values remain the same: they are the yarn of our actions. For their simplicity, they define our role in the world: today’s and the one we are going to build.



With our actions, we want to look after the world where we live and the people that live in it. For this, we put love and care in every detail of our creations.



With our clothes, we dress every day the lives of millions of families, and we do all we can to improve them. We want to build a world that focuses more on the needs of children.



Every parent has the right to know how the clothes worn by their children have been produced. To gain the trust of Moms and
Dads we act with the utmost transparency, we trace our entire supply chain and account for each choice we make.

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Nola Logistical Hub, Lot H Block C
80035 Nola (Naples)
Tax Code: 03728680632
VAT Number: 01303501215
Toll-free number: 800 88 60 57
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