Our commitment
for the future

Children are our tomorrow.
As every parent knows. That’s why we feel a great responsibility.
Because to clothe a child is to clothe the future.

And today’s world does not seem to be cut out for children.
Huge changes are shaking the world today.
It doesn’t always seem a friendly place for children.
And when they’ve grown up, it will be too late to act.
It’s up to us, now, to shape a better future.

We believe children deserve a world that’s as safe,
as our clothes.
A world they’ll enjoy taking care of, when it’s their turn.

So we want to be a force for good
To protect the planet and all those who live here,
to celebrate what makes every person and every living thing unique,
to restore the balance and show the whole world the respect it deserves.
So it can finally become a world fit for children,

A world fit for the future.

Caring for the environment

With our activity, we want to ease the burden on the planet as much as possible.

We have started a program to upgrade the lighting in our stores, with the aim to reduce consumption by 40%.

Protecting people

Workers deserve respect, safety, and rights. More than that, they deserve a future.

This is why we ask our suppliers to sign our Code of Conduct, which prohibits every form of forced and child labour, and guarantees safe and sustainable working conditions. We ensure that these rules are complied with through periodic audits.

Ensuring garments safety

We always protect the health and wellbeing of children.

All textiles reaching our factories come from producers OEKO-TEX 100 certified, an international standard for textile products’ safety. 100% of our garments undergoes chemical and physical tests performed by TUV SUD on our behalf.

Social commitment

We want to do our part to protect the future of every child, especially when they go through a difficult time.

For this reason, we support projects and entities that protect the most vulnerable. Like ABIO Foundation, which has been assisting hospitalized children since 1978.

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